Information is power, shared information is strategic power when used wisely it creates partnerships to help others achieve common goals and objectives. This organization will partner with members, organizations, advocates and music entities to share knowledge, performance opportunities, legislative information and technology advancements in music and the music industry. Strategic Music Partnerships includes all stakeholders in the music industry. The group will include the following planks in its platform "Music Policy, Web 2.0 and Media".

Although these planks are the core foundation of SMP the possibilities are endless in leveling the playing field. We are a Music Industry Network of people In all States waiting to Network with you! We invite you to join the Strategic Music Partnerships, and invite music industry stakeholders who believe in networking integrity.

Members and organizational partners are welcomed to connect through the SMP network, sharing advertising, promotions of events and services.


We believe you will find the Strategic Music Partnerships a great organization to belong to.

All members of the Strategic MP will be part of a special network designed for you!

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