Many independent recording artists want breaks to showcase their talent before a large audience. Well, the EMCA Concert Gala does just that. From start to finish, they are given the royal treatment as if they were at a national awards show. The artists have a professional sound check, VIP seating, a green room with refreshments, and someone assigned to instruct them on when to move to the stage. The show begins with an official announcement and opening performance.

When artists come to the stage, a professional host introduces them. Behind the scenes, the stage crew, production managers, and volunteers are ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch. Throughout the performances, individual artists who completed the ECMA sessions are recognized and receive a certificate of completion.

TanyaThis Gala creates an intimate environment for artists and industry professionals to network. Many opportunities have been created because of ECMA’s Gala. In the past, artists connected with radio, marketing, management, consulting, production, and design professionals that helped them advance their careers by attending the mixer on the night before the concert.

The artists are not only given various appetizers and plenty of conversation, but there is a Q&A session in which artists have one last time to ask coaches pertinent questions. The important part of the mixer is where the administrator gives all the production information for the concert so everyone is prepared for a successful concert. This mixer has been an intricate part of long-lasting relationships. By the next day, artists show their support of one another, take photos, and purchase one another’s CDs at their respected vendor tables.

Another purpose for this Gala is to provide a night out for the senior citizens in the surrounding Washington, DC area. With financial contributions, donated tickets, and sponsorships, the ECMA Concert Gala is a great way to support the community and host an entertaining night for the elderly. The theatre even has provisions for handicap and is wheelchair accessible. Each year the goal is to fill the seats with as many as possible, and every year, they eagerly return with the expectation to have a great experience, which gets superseded.

The ECMA Concert Gala is a wonderful platform that reaches all people who appreciate great music, supports the independent artist, and creates music industry relationships that impact the industry.

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