Information is power, shared information is strategic power, when you share information you identify resources that create opportunities. Registration for the Excellence in Christian Music Academy 2017 (ECMA 17) is now open.

This is an exciting time for our program that's built on a foundation of education, motivation and recognition. ECMA's team of coaches are ready, willing and able to help you succeed in building a "music business basic foundation."

HenryRegistration is open to all music industry participants, willing to roll up their sleeves and attend online classes, such as metadata, finances, songwriting, stage presence, marketing, branding, radio promotions, media relations and networking.

The ECMA 17 coaches are seasoned professionals in their field of expertise, you can connect and network with them when you register because you become ECMA family. I look forward to having you register for one of the best artist development series of classes that's affordable.

See you in class.


Henry Harris

Administrator ECMA

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