The Excellence in Christian Music Academy (ECMA) has been created to equip music artists with the tools necessary to be successful in the music industry.

  • Each year emerging artists participate in numerous award shows and programs with the hopes of winning coveted prizes and achieving industry recognition.
  • The Excellence in Christian Music Academy will encourage growth and expansion of the artists, their careers and forward progression in the music industry.
  • Music Industry Participants will be offered the opportunity to participate in an education process based on an objective and unbiased point system designed to identify ECMA recipients for final recognition in the ECMA national recognition program.
  • The ECMA project represents a new era in the training, education, and development of musical artists.
  • ECMA is shaping the future of the next generation of artists in the music industry.
  • The ECMA reserves the right to accept or not accept registrations based on the appropriateness of the artist or material.
  • To register and participate in ECMA you must agree to the following statement: "I have obtained the permission and the authority from the performer/group and the production/distribution company to make the following Warranties, Representations and Waivers: I Warrant and Represent that the performer/group consents to the ECMA Registration use of his/her name and likeness."
  • "I Warrant and Represent the performer/group and the production/distribution company grants the ECMA program the right to use any material submitted, including names and logos (including those wherein names of advertisers may be mentioned), to promote the submissions process and the ECMAƂ by such means including, but not limited to: press releases, show production, internet, panels, souvenir journal and other means."
  • "I Warrant and Represent the performer/group and production/distribution Company waive all rights to legal recourse regarding such uses. I agree to defend, indemnify and save free and harmless the ECMA and its agents, officers and employees against any and all losses, injuries, claims, actions, causes of action, judgments, liens, damages and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees, which may result from the ECMAs use of material submitted or from any breach of the warranties and representations provided herein. I understand all registration fees are non-refundable."

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